Teaching course sur les maladies mitochondriales

La médecine mitochondriale 30 ans après: état de l'art de la technique.

Nice, South of France, 11-13 April 2019 – AC Hotel Nice (Marriott)
Deadline for registering:
11th of February - www.rrd-foundation.org

Scientific Organising Committee:

§  Prof. Pascal Laforêt, Paris

§  Dr Shamima Rahman, London

§  Dr. Angeles Garcia-Cazorla, Barcelona

Target audience:

Pediatricians, neurologists, neuromuscular specialists, internists, cardiologists, geneticists, biochemists, and other clinicians and scientists willing to improve their knowledge of the diagnosis and treatment of primary mitochondrial disorders.

Learning objectives:

  • To describe the pathophysiology, frequency, and clinical symptoms of the main primary mitochondrial disorders presenting in children and adults.
  • To describe the main diagnostic tools (exercise tests, muscle biopsy, biochemical and molecular analysis) and to discuss their respective positions in the diagnostic work-up.
  • Familiarizing with the differential diagnosis of mitochondrial disease.
  • To provide guidance for genetic counselling and reproductive options.
  • To describe current treatments and recommended surveillance for patients affected by primary mitochondrial disease.

For more details and online registration: www.rrd-foundation.org

Please do not hesitate to contact Kellquist cecilia [ckellquist@rrd-foundation.org] should you have questions or need further information.