Medical Research Assistant

Centre of Research in Myology, Sorbonne Université-Inserm UMRS974, Institut de Myologie Groupe Hospitalier Pitié‐Salpêtrière, Paris, France.

Within the EU-H2020 Solve-RD project "Solving the unsolved Rare Diseases" a medical research assistant position is available in the team of Gisèle Bonne. The main ambitions of the Solve-RD proposal are (i) to solve large numbers of Rare Disease cases, for which a molecular cause is not known yet, by combined Omics approaches, and (ii) to improve diagnosis rate of Rare Disease patients through a "genetic knowledge web". The candidate will be in charge of setting up a database of currently known "treatable genes" and associated treatment strategies for Rare Diseases, i.e. Treatabolome, by literature review and data-mining approaches with curation by expert clinicians.

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